The Create Design Wizard lets you
quickly add a base design with
a few simple swipes.

main settings menu showing all elements
and color sets of the current design.

You don't have to be an artist
to draw beautiful flowers. Just let
Canvas Designer do it for you!


Australian/NZ App Store April 2012: "New & Noteworthy"

AMAZING: "...I have always been looking for a way to generate my own abstract artwork, and this just does it for me..."

Very Impressive: "...the more I used it the more intrigued I became, and I realized that there were no limitations to the graphics I could so easily generate..."

Canvas Designer for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® lets novices and professionals alike compose designs from a variety of graphical and artistic elements and colors. Open a template and simply create your unique designs in seconds with one tap, or dig deeper into the settings for full control.

Create your own library and use as many elements as you like in your designs.

  • Arcs draws curves in different shades
  • Bokeh makes your image look like rain has fallen on your camera lens
  • Clouds can produce anything from realistic looking skies to abstract color formations
  • Colour Set can save up to 6 colors each to be used by any other element
  • Effects applies filters like saturation, brightness, contrast, sepia, color and blur
  • Fade creates smooth backgrounds in different colors
  • Lines create lines, bands, haze and landscapes.
  • Particles produce beautiful line art creations with millions of variations
  • Photo lets you use your own images from your camera roll
  • Plants draws a variety of plants, leaves and flowers
  • Rays adds light beams and shines to your design
  • Shapes fill your screen in different variations
  • Stars create random star fields with nebulae and suns

Each element has a set of properties that controls its appearance.
This allows you to modify and fine-tune every aspect of your design.

A key-feature of Canvas Designer is property randomization. Every property can accept from-to values resulting in different design variations every time you tap refresh. Other features are:

  • Create designs using the new Design Wizard
  • Get even more designs from our online Design Gallery
  • Define colour sets and assign them to any element
  • Control positioning/distribution of every element
  • Control transparency/blend mode for your layers
  • Save your designs into the My Designs library
  • Send or share your designs via email
  • Save your design on your device and use it as a wallpaper

If you're a graphics professional and would like to grab individual design elements, Canvas Designer emails designs in high-quality 32-bit PNG format (including transparency), ready to be imported as a layer into the graphics program of your choice.

Canvas Designer also offers a very fast preview-mode which quickly renders a very close approximation of your final high-quality design. Please read our FAQ article for more information before rating this app as slow.

Canvas Designer for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can be downloaded from the App StoreSM.

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