Version 1.3 in App Store

Canvas Designer has been updated again to Version 1.3. It fixes some crashes that occured on iOS7 (blur did not work and some setting changes would not save properly). The interface has been updated in-line with the look of iOS7.

We have planned for some more elements to be included in future Versions, so please keep your reviews coming in.

The Canvas Designer Team


New Version 1.2 Released

Dear friends of Canvas Designer

A new update has just been approved by Apple and is now available for download. I have added the very versatile LINES element which allows the creation of simple lines and bands, but also very complex forms like hazes and surfaces. The app contains an extra template #10 which should get you started of how to use the settings.

Feel free to experiment. For example, if you use a low alpha and draw many lines (quantity>70), it will create nice blends.

Please, if you like the app, keep rating it - it allows us to add more elements in the future.


New Version 1.1 released

Dear Canvas Designer Friends

Version 1.1 is now available for download on the app store. Firstly, it addresses some bugs users experienced; in particular, the amount of ressources to load at startup has dramatically reduced and crashes at startup should not happen anymore; also the app is now fully iOS6 compatible and support for the new iPhone 5 has been added; please let me know if you still experience any issues.

Now to the exciting bits: This updated packs a lot of new stuff in it. It has 2 new exciting elements you can play with now called FLOWERS and RAYS. Further, you now have a thumbnail view of each layer in your settings menu so its easier to figure out what each layer displays, plus you have an ultra-fast PREVIEW mode for layers as well which is especially helpful with the more complex and time-consuming layers.

Even I managed to make the blur about 3 times faster using new features of iOS6, you should still be aware that this app uses high-precision drawing methods and to generate a design in high-quality and high resolution takes some time to render.


"New & Noteworthy" on App Store

Canvas Designer just got listed under "New & Noteworthy" in the Australian App Store.

We are very excited about this and like to thank all of you who already downloaded the app and talked about it. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have that great idea about a new element, or anything really which makes this app even better. In case you did not review our app yet, we would appreciate your support by doing so.

Also, since yesterday, we have opened our facebook page where you can share your ideas and get some inspirations on how to get the best out of Canvas Designer.

For the more advanced users and graphic professionals, we apologize that we only have our Getting Started tutorial online - we are currently working on more tutorials. In the meantime, we are happy to answer your questions - just use our contact form.

I wish all of you an enjoyable and "inspirational" weekend.

The Canvas Designer Team


Share your designs on Facebook

When you like Canvas Designer as we do, why not share your creations. We have just launched our Facebook page and you might find some interesting hints of how to create your next masterwork.