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Using the photo element you can select a photo from your camera roll by tapping on the accessory button. Please note that after making your choice, Canvas Designer may take a couple of seconds before returning to the main settings. Reason for this is that Canvas Designer optimized / resizes your photo according to the current Device and Resolution / size settings; the imported resolution is shown in the photo element's description afterwards.

If you since have changed your design to support higher resolutions, these photos may appear blurry as they need to be upscaled to fit the current device. In this case, simply re-select the photo from your camera roll while you are displaying the higher resolution design - this will re-import the photo at the higher resolution.

In some cases, your photo's orientation might be wrong (leaning on the side) or might not be centered properly. This primarily happens if you have imported your photos from somewhere or copied it accross form other devices. Please drop us a line if you experience this. The next planned update will address the issue and provide an intermediate screen after selecting the photo in which you can freely rotate and position the photo before importing it.

Last updated on March 30, 2012 by Marc Godat