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Quickly generate random designs using templates

Canvas Designer allows novices to create unique designs in seconds in 3 easy steps:

After start-up, tap the  Library button

Choose one of the 9 available templates

Tap  Refresh to generate different design variations

As each template randomizes the results, so you are guaranteed to come up with a truly unique design each time you tap Refresh.

Change the design device resolution, zoom and quality

Designs and templates in Canvas Designer not only store all their artwork within their designs,
but also information about the target device, zoom level and quality settings.

To change the target device (resolution), tap  settings, then choose Canvas, Device and select the device you like.



Pinch-in or pinch-out to change the zoom level (available levels are 25%, 50% and 100%). This can also be set via settings > Canvas > Zoom.

Long-press onto the canvas to bring up the quality menu. Use preview for fastest rendering of the design (will be a bit blurry though), fine for the highest quality (will be slower) or anything in-between. The quality can also be set via settings > Canvas > quality / speed.

Exporting your artwork and saving your designs

You can save your artwork either into your camera roll or send it as an email. Please note that the current zoom level and quality settings are used exactly as you see the design on screen. So for best results make sure you zoom-in at 100% and use a quality of either normal or fine.

To save your artwork to your camera roll, tap action and choose Save To Photos.

To send your artwork to an email recipient, tap action and choose Send As Email. The standard email dialog window now opens with the artwork attached. Even you may choose to write your own message with this email, it would be nice if you leave the note about Canvas Designer intact - a good word helps us to keep this App going.

To save your design in your own library, tap library and you will be asked if you like to save your design. If you had opened a template, tap Save As... and give the design your own name (keyboard will open). Design names shall only contains letters and numbers (no spaces) and can be up to 16 characters long. In case you had already opened one of your own designs (not a template) you have the option of either save you changes or create a new copy of your design. In case you do not want to save anything, tap Cancel and you will get back to the main library menu.

Last updated on February 28, 2013 by Marc Godat